When Love Blooms in Paris

Gorgeous Gabrielle Gagnon is still reeling after the revelation of her ex-boyfriend’s secret life and discovery of his true identity. Once he’s incarcerated, though, she endeavours to move on with her life in Paris, despite imagining his furious face in every crowd.

She meets Andrew Tremblay, a handsome cowboy from Canada who arrives in France after inheriting his uncles wine shop in the Marais. Andrew needs a friend. He’s unable to speak the language and knows nothing about wine. Despite their differences, the two forge a friendship that soon begins to blossom into love until Gabrielle opens an unusual letter and discovers a threat has been made on her life.

In order to protect her newfound friend, she attempts to distance herself from Andrew, but he assures her he is more than equal to any danger that seeks to frighten Gabrielle.

In the face of imminent danger, will little reassurance from law enforcement, what should she do? Return to her family in the south of France? Or place her love and trust in the promises of a broad-shouldered man from the Wild West.

Escape to Paris where love always blooms in the pages of this sweet, heartwarming romance.

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