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The Legacy

To date, the most adventure he’s experienced has been Thursday night boxing class and a flat tire on his pickup, but finding a strange golden artifact on his ranch changed everything.

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Now, he’s been wrenched through a mountain portal, cast into a world of enchantment, and is relying on the leadership of a hedgehog. Charles is bewildered, overwhelmed, and just wants to go home.

Yet Alainea, the girl who rescues him from the dungeons of a madman, needs help, and he boldly joins her mission to save this world from disaster and the dragons she loves from extinction. Under attack, the most unlikely of saviors comes to their rescue. However, when war, driven by the deluding power of the Amethyst, advances from the west, it threatens to destroy not only them, but all that is good from this land.

Will Charles’ quick-thinking valour, a sharp right-hook, and Alainea’s sword be enough to prevent the rising tide of evil? And, when one of their company falls to the bronze arrow, will it signal the end?

The Dawning is a prequel to the first three books in the Runestaff Chronicles series. If you like heroes coming into their own, perilous quests, and colorful supporting casts, you’ll love this vivid adventure.

The Legacy Book Cover
The Resistance Book Cover

Runestaff Chronicles

The Legacy

With a world once more in the grip of mortal danger, a hero is needed.

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The peace of Erinbourne has been shattered, and Kayden must return to the land he has grown to love. What confronts him is more horrific than he could ever have imagined. Family murdered and the most lethal weapon in the land stolen. Kayden and his friends vow to hunt down the ruthless sorcerer responsible for these atrocities. Yet, danger and death face them at every turn as they enter the mountain lair where their enemy lies in wait. 

The Resistance Book Cover

Runestaff Chronicles

The Resistance

Pursued by a murderous prince, Kayden is running out of time and options.
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He battles mind-altering magic and deadly legions as he strives to reach the king. With grim determination, Kayden’s quest to deliver the enchanted Emerald is Erinbourne’s only chance of survival.

But an untrained boy who has only just acknowledged the existence of sorcery and alternate worlds, is no match for the power of his adversaries. Faced with war and destruction, Kayden accepts the help of a resistance fighter who wields a lethal sword, and may not be all she appears at first sight. Can he defy all odds and deliver the Emerald in time? Or will Kayden forfeit his life in a struggle to save a strange land and a people who are not his own?

“The Resistance” is Book II in Runestaff Chronicles, the stunning new YA Fantasy series that fans of “The Chronicles of Narnia” will love.

The Awakening Book Cover

Runestaff Chronicles

The Awakening

An alternate universe. A perilous journey. No ordinary teen.

When Kayden discovers an ancient portal to a world beyond his own, his life will change forever.

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Destiny marked him as defender of an enchanted jewel – an emerald possessing immense power. With the rise of a deadly legion, thirsting for dominance, Kayden must face unspeakable creatures and their master puppeteer, intent on his destruction.

Alone he will fail. Yet, fate has placed an unusual warrior named Talbot, a magical runestaff, and a remarkable girl in his path to help.

Battling the darkest of evils in a treacherous land of Kings and magic, they race to defy the forces bent on ruling their world. Only together may Kayden and his companions stand against the foul schemes threatening to destroy all that is good.

Will it be enough?

Is it Just Me Book Cover

Is It Just Me?

In the journey of life…there are bumps along the way. Is seeing humor in the daily struggles the key to happiness?

With shades of Erma Bombeck and James Herriot, she weaves tales that combine three-parts witty, two-parts delightful, and dollop of poignant.

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Why did she wake up face down in the radishes?
A gentle rain, an electric fence, and a loving husband all helped.

From the day-to-day challenges to memories of youthful transgression, she weaves captivating stories that bring a smile and sometimes a knowing nod.

The neighbor’s tree needs trimming. What’s the right tool for the job? Shotgun.

You’ll love this book of anecdotes because Helen Row Toews is a master wordsmith that will brighten your day.

Great, Just Great Book Cover

Great, Just Great!

A daily dose of laughter really is good for the soul! And Helen should know. From a cattle ranch located in Saskatchewan, she works as humorist for newspapers across the Canadian prairies.

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She flirted with that handsome doctor at a party.
Only to find, next day, he was the specialist performing her barium enema! Horrors! From the day-to-day challenges to memories of youthful transgression, she weaves captivating stories that bring a smile and sometimes a knowing nod.

What sort of woman feeds her friend brewer’s yeast instead of butter on their first morning in Rome? Or drags her protesting daughter onto a bus in Edinburgh because it was, “going their way”, only to end up dockside on the shores of the North Sea. Furthermore, why would the shinbone of a recently deceased cow be lurking in her petunias?

For the answers to these questions and more, let Helen take you from the streets of Europe to the cow sheds of Saskatchewan with her rib-tickling tales.

About the author

Helen Row Toews

I’m a writer, driver of buses (and other assorted vehicles of size) proud country-dweller and lover of travel. I was born in small town Saskatchewan, Canada. Maidstone to be exact. Mom and dad took me home to the Charolais cattle ranch near Marshall, Saskatchewan with my brother Bill where I grew to love the prairie landscape. My childhood was unremarkable, but from quite a young age I held tightly to a dream. I wanted to be a writer. Sadly, it took fifty odd years to come to fruition, but now I am virtually unstoppable (or so I tell myself). 

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