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Historical Romance - The Heiress

Cynthia Keyes

When Victorian shipping tycoon Jem Brigg is killed in a robbery, his family and the business world are shocked to discover the actual owner of the company is a woman, and a young one at that. Eleanora Pembroke’s first action as owner is to hire the handsome and capable Eliot Sparks as the face of the company.

Her status as the premier heiress of London, motivates a host of suitors interested only in her shipping company. But Eleanora has already had her heart broken once by a sweet-talking fortune hunter.
To end the constant barrage of suitors, Eleanora proposes a fake engagement with her debonair new manager, Eliot Sparks. But Eliot has other ideas. Eleanora is the woman of his dreams, and he won’t be giving her up easily.

When the two of them uncover embezzlement and murder in the company, they work together to find the culprit. Their investigation takes them through danger and detection—but not all their discoveries have to do with murder— some of them reveal the mysteries of the heart.

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Daughter of Destiny Book 1

Kate Jones - Epic Fantasy

Dark Revenge.

An impossible task.

A troubled teen who must find her belief in magic and in herself if she is going to live long enough to fulfil her destiny.

An ancient evil stalks Elorysia, death and destruction following in its wake.

Tasked with finding the hero of a long-lost prophecy, Violet must stay one step ahead of the darkness which is swallowing her land, and travel to another time and a different world—Earth. 

Here she must try and persuade a total stranger to give up everything and fulfil her supposed destiny. It is a task that proves to be more difficult than she imagined…

Charley doesn’t believe in magic, and the worst she has to deal with are the school bullies—until she loses everything to the beasts of the Dark Master, who have found their way to her home in Scotland.

Now she must put aside her disbelief and help Violet, or her world will be the next place to be destroyed. 

Forced into a battle she doesn’t want; fighting for a world that is not her own – Charley must discover her powers, courage, and self-belief if she is to become the hero Violet believes her to be.

Shadows of Darkness is the first book in the exciting new Daughter of Destiny series – an epic, dark, fantasy that fans of Sara J Maas and Leigh Bardugo will love.

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