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I’m a writer, driver of buses (and other assorted vehicles of size) proud country-dweller and lover of travel. I was born in small town Saskatchewan, Canada. Maidstone to be exact. Mom and dad took me home to the Charolais cattle ranch near Marshall, Saskatchewan with my brother Bill where I grew to love the prairie landscape. My childhood was unremarkable, but from quite a young age I held tightly to a dream. I wanted to be a writer. Sadly, it took fifty odd years to come to fruition, but now I am virtually unstoppable (or so I tell myself). I have four children who are mostly all grown now, except for Aliyah, my youngest daughter. Aliyah keeps me on track, prevents such things as a swelled head or inflated ego, and keeps a watchful eye on things like the expiry date on food items lest we all perish in some nasty poisoning incident.

New Release
| Chateau de Belliveau

Moonlight Over the Cinque Terre

Sarah Peterson had no idea her life was about to be changed forever as she sped toward the rugged coastline of Italy’s Cinque Terre. With only six days left before flying home to Canada, she intended to make the most of every moment. That’s when Raphaël, the lost love from her youth and the last person she ever expected to meet again, crossed her path, stirring up old feelings.

Raphaël is suspicious of Sarah, believing their meeting was contrived. He demands answers, and emotions escalate as they battle against an ever-mounting tension. Yet a silvery moon, shimmering over the Ligurian Sea, casts a magical spell.

Does it offer a glimmer of hope for a second chance at love?

Just when it seems like things are going well, Sarah is faced with an impossible question by an unexpected visitor. The fairy tale comes undone. Unforeseen circumstances arise, and malicious plots are revealed as they struggle to survive this tumultuous test of love and forgiveness.

Will Sarah and Raphael surmount these obstacles, or will they succumb to the chaotic waves of deceit? Only time will tell in this captivating tale of passion, love, and destiny.

The perfect escapist read, second in the Chateau de Belliveau series.
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