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I’m a writer, driver of buses (and other assorted vehicles of size) proud country-dweller and lover of travel. I was born in small town Saskatchewan, Canada. Maidstone to be exact. Mom and dad took me home to the Charolais cattle ranch near Marshall, Saskatchewan with my brother Bill where I grew to love the prairie landscape. My childhood was unremarkable, but from quite a young age I held tightly to a dream. I wanted to be a writer. Sadly, it took fifty odd years to come to fruition, but now I am virtually unstoppable (or so I tell myself). I have four children who are mostly all grown now, except for Aliyah, my youngest daughter. Aliyah keeps me on track, prevents such things as a swelled head or inflated ego, and keeps a watchful eye on things like the expiry date on food items lest we all perish in some nasty poisoning incident.

New Release
| Chateau de Belliveau

With Love From Paris

An unexpected passion ignites in the wilds of Canada, where Annette Dupont arrives to visit her sister’s ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Unprepared for the rugged beauty of the countryside and the handsome yet aloof owner of a neighbouring ranch, Jeff Douglas, their tension-filled first encounter is spiked with acidic words and steely stares that linger in the air like a thick fog.
Without warning, Annette finds herself in a life-threatening situation that forces her and Jeff to rely on each other for survival. As they bravely face this challenge, their animosity turns to love. But the relationship is tested when a prestigious gallery in Paris offers Annette a solo art exhibition.

Then, to make matters worse, a heartbreaking secret from Jeff’s past threatens to tear them apart. Annette flees to Paris and the life she knows.

Now faced with the decision of a lifetime, Annette must choose between her passions—the art she devoted her life to—or the uncertain future that awaits with Jeff.

Will their bond be strong enough to overcome all odds, or are the risks too great?

If you like a sweet romance where love conquers all, you’ll be captivated by Annette and Jeff’s passionate journey.

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