A Garden of Promises

One year ago, Elyse Belliveau, a powerful force at the winery her family has owned in the sun-soaked terrain of Provence for centuries, felt her heart shatter when she tragically lost the man of her dreams. She vowed she would never love again.

Consequently, Elyse is blindsided when an old friend confesses his undying devotion and is dazed when an unexpected stranger sweeps in to tempt her with a second chance at happiness.

Fate clearly has other plans. Yet, a mystery surrounds this stranger. Is he truly as wonderful as he seems? Only time will tell, but time seems in short supply.

Overwhelmed by the force of her reawakened emotions, pressure mounts as Elyse wonders, at fifty-eight, if she’s being foolish. Is giving her heart away a second time worth the risk? Or should she remain alone, content with her family?

Then again, is it ever too late for love?

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