The Secret

Charles Bramley has been abducted—by dragons. 

To date, the most adventure he’s experienced has been Thursday night boxing class and a flat tire on his pickup, but finding a strange golden artifact on his ranch changed everything. Now, he’s been wrenched through a mountain portal, cast into a world of enchantment, and is relying on the leadership of a hedgehog. Charles is bewildered, overwhelmed, and just wants to go home.

Yet Alainea, the girl who rescues him from the dungeons of a madman, needs help, and he boldly joins her mission to save this world from disaster and the dragons she loves from extinction. Under attack, the most unlikely of saviors comes to their rescue. However, when war, driven by the deluding power of the Amethyst, advances from the west, it threatens to destroy not only them, but all that is good from this land.

Will Charles’ quick-thinking valour, a sharp right-hook, and Alainea’s sword be enough to prevent the rising tide of evil? And, when one of their company falls to the bronze arrow, will it signal the end? 

The Dawning is a prequel to the first three books in the Runestaff Chronicles series. If you like heroes coming into their own, perilous quests, and colorful supporting casts, you’ll love this vivid adventure.

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