The Resistance

Pursued by a murderous prince, Kayden is running out of time and options.

He battles mind-altering magic and deadly legions as he strives to reach the king. With grim determination, Kayden’s quest to deliver the enchanted Emerald is Erinbourne’s only chance of survival.

But an untrained boy who has only just acknowledged the existence of sorcery and alternate worlds, is no match for the power of his adversaries. Faced with war and destruction, Kayden accepts the help of a resistance fighter who wields a lethal sword, and may not be all she appears at first sight. Can he defy all odds and deliver the Emerald in time? Or will Kayden forfeit his life in a struggle to save a strange land and a people who are not his own?

“The Resistance” is Book II in Runestaff Chronicles, the stunning new YA Fantasy series that fans of “The Chronicles of Narnia” will love.

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